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Why choose artificial turf?
In addition to eliminating the costly expense of taking care of your lawn you will also be saving your valuable time with synthetic grass. It looks great and you will never have to mow, seed, fertilize or weed again. Simply stated - Artificial turf just makes sense.

Is artificial turf difficult to install?
For a do-it-yourselfer with some basic skills, self-installation is certainly possible and very common. You can find information on our Installation Instruction page to help determine whether this is a project for you or for your contractor.

Is artificial turf safe for my pets?

Yes, it is pet friendly and both you AND your pets will love it! It is easily cleaned by hosing off. There are drainage holes in the backing so water and pet urine will drain through. You can say goodbye to all of the dead spots in your yard. It is a cleaner surface for your pet which means a cleaner pet for you - No more muddy paws!

Is artificial turf easy to maintain?
It is very easy to maintain. Simply blow or rake away leaves or debris. Hose off sticky spills to prevent dirt from sticking to the blades. A few times a year you can use a stiff bristled push broom or rake to brush the fibers in high traffic areas.

Why doesn't the shipping cost appear?
Rolls that are smaller the 15' x 7' can be shipped via UPS (Dog Run Products), however larger rolls have to be shipped by truck. The cost varies depending on your location and the size of the rolls ordered. Our shipping department will find the best rate to your location and will notify you after your order is received. Your credit card will NOT be processed until after you have been notified of the shipping information and cost.You can determine an estimate of the shipping cost by multiplying the total square feet by $0.25 with a minimum of $185 to a residence and $100 to a business.
**Please be aware that customers are responsible for unloading all products from the truck. This is the policy of the freight lines. See our Shipping page for more information.

What is infill?
Infill can be sand, rubber or a combination of the two. Infill acts as a ballast helping weigh the turf down. It also stabilizes the fibers to keep them upright and prevent matting. Here’s what you need to know: Rubber is softer than sand and is considered the premium infill particularly for play areas or sport and recreation areas where children or adults might be falling a lot. On a sloped installation, rubber infill has a tendency to rise to the surface of the grass blades more readily than sand does.
Most installers use sand infill. It is less costly and more readily available. It is perfectly suitable for landscape applications. If you choose sand infill you can find sand at your local hardware store. The process for installing either is the same. You can refer to our Installation Instruction page for more details about installing infill.

Will I need infill?
Any product that has "infill" in the name or does not have "thatch" in the name will require infill. Without it the fibers will lay flat and you will not achieve the desired look. Sand can be filled into the turf with a top dresser. Brushing the turf will help the infill settle and the fibers to "bloom." Infill products are less expensive and with a little extra work with the initial installation, the final result will be fantastic.

How long will my artificial turf last?
Gras Turf has an 8 year UV warranty against fading and a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years.